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Mom Scoop - Episode 8: The Librarian from Hell, Hubby Gripes

In today's show I talk about the "Librarian from HELL". I hope she gets fired!

Another installment of "Hubby Gripes"....Toilets and COMMON SENSE (or lack thereof!)

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Mom Scoop - Episode 7: Special Guest "Hubby Ed" with a  few laughs!

In today's show, "Hubby Ed" makes his first appearance.

We have a few laughs, and a brief conversation provoked by beer.

** I just want to wish everyone affected by the NIU Shootings peace and comfort during this difficult time. It is such a horrific event that took place and it chills me to the bone. God Bless all of the victims and families involved.**

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Mom Scoop - Episode 6: "The Secret", "Hubby Gripes", and More Babble

In today's episode I discuss "The Secret" and the basics of how it works.

I also have another "Hubby Gripe" to add to the never ending list! HA!

I also ramble on about my views on having a woman for president and and few other things....

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Mom Scoop - Episode 5: Retreat Details Announced, "Hubby Gripes" - FARTS!

YEAH!!! I got the new mic and it works AWESOME!!

In today's show I unveil the final details of the Scrapaholic Retreat in Chesterton, IN on April 11-13. If you are in the Chicago or NW Indiana area, and you like to scrapbook, check this out!!!

I also do another installment of "Hubby Gripes".

And a little "Fart Talk" too!


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Mom Scoop - Episode 4: New Store & Website, Scrapbook Retreat Update, & "Hubby Gripes"

In today's show I talk about a good munchie to eat while watching the Super Bowl. I talk about the opening of the Mom Scoop Store, and our new website:

Also an update on my Scrapbooking Retreat, and another installment of "Hubby Gripes".

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Mom Scoop - Episode 3: Building a Snowman, "Hubby Gripes", & a Crafty Side Job Idea

In today's show I talk about building a snowman with my daughter, the first installment of "Hubby Gripes", and a crafty side job idea!

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